Title of the activity
National Seminar on the SPS and Trade Facilitation Agreements
Activity Type
Virtual workshop
This joint SPS-TF virtual workshop will be attended by Belarus government officials involved in SPS and customs matters. Interpretation will be provided by Belarus authorities.

The workshop will be delivered in three modules, each taking place in different days during the week of 30 November 2020. The first two modules will focus on the SPS Agreement, in particular Annex C provisions, and the work of the SPS Committee. In addition, the STDF will highlight relevant work on linkages with the Trade Facilitation Agreement, including e-Certification.

Module 3 will focus on the Trade Facilitation Agreement, in particular on transit provisions.

The Workshop is intended to be as interactive as possible, with each module foreshadowing time for Q&As.
Host Country
Trade topic
Sanitary and phytosanitary measures
Start Date
End Date
Duration (days)
Target Audience
Government officials
Key Result
2. Acceding governments are participating in accession negotiations
Key Output
2.1: Acceding governments' participants knowledge on WTO substantive and procedural matters enhanced
Invited Countries