Title of the activity
National Seminar for the Dissemination of the Results of the Third Review of Ecuador's Trade Policies
Activity Type
The seminar is a follow-up to Ecuador's Third Trade Policy Review (TPR), which took place in March 2019. The Ecuadorian authorities hope that, through this workshop, the results of the EPC will be made known to a large number of national institutions involved in the formulation of public policies related to foreign trade and investment, as well as to other actors involved in activities related to international trade.
In this sense, the seminar will be an important complement to the TPR in Geneva.
The objective is to present the process of elaboration of the TPR and, in particular, the findings, conclusions and recommendations derived from the Review.
The seminar will be conducive to discussing this and analysing what plans are in place to advance the implementation of the recommendations made by Members during the TPR. It will also be informative for new public officials who were not present at the time of the TPR and for the private sector. Special emphasis will be placed on import licensing.
Host Country
Trade topic
Start Date
End Date
Target Audience
Government officials
Key Result
1. Government officials are implementing WTO Agreements and fully realising Members' rights and obligations
Key Output
1.1: Government officials have enhanced knowledge about the WTO Agreements, formulation of trade policies and conduct of trade negotiations