Title of the activity
Regional Trade Policy Course (RTPC) for Caribbean Members and Observers of the WTO.
Activity Type
Regional Trade Policy Course
RTPCs are generalist training courses set at Level 2 of the Progressive Learning Strategy (PLS). They are intermediate courses specifically designed for government officials who have already undertaken Level 1 PLS training (E-learning "Introduction to the WTO" or Geneva-based "Introduction Course for LDCs") and who want to learn more about the WTO and its Agreements and explore the links between the latter and regional trade matters. The regional context is provided through a partnership with a University from the country where the course is held and the participation of regional academics and policy specialists who co-lecture with officials from the WTO. The RTPCs objectives are twofold: institutional capacity building through the partnership with regional universities; and train government officials with a view to deepen their understanding of the WTO Agreements and strengthen their capacity to undertake WTO work. RTPCs are targeted to government officials from developing countries, LDCs, economies in transition and countries in accession. Being a generalist training activity the course is open to participants from various ministries provided their work is linked to WTO issues. The RTPC for Caribbean Members and Observers will be held in St Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago in partnership with the University of the West Indies, (UWI).
Host Country
Trinidad and Tobago
University of The West Indies, St. Augustine Campus, St Augustine
Trade topic
Start Date
End Date
All candidates must satisfy the course pre requisite of either 1) having successfully completed the WTO E-Learning course "Introduction to the WTO"; or 2) having completed, within the last four years, a Geneva-based Introduction Course for LDCs. In exceptional circumstances consideration will be given to candidates who do not meet the aforementioned criteria but who possess knowledge or professional experience that is demonstrably commensurate with the course's requirements.
Target Audience
Government officials
Key Result
1. Government officials are implementing WTO Agreements and fully realising Members' rights and obligations
Key Output
1.1: Government officials have enhanced knowledge about the WTO Agreements, formulation of trade policies and conduct of trade negotiations
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