Title of the activity
Advanced Course on the Economic Analysis of Trade Policy.
Activity Type
Thematic course
The Advanced Course on the Economic Analysis of Trade Policy, a Level 3 training activity implemented within the WTO Progressive Learning Strategy (PLS), represents the highest level of learning among WTO training activities.

The course is targeted at government officials directly involved in economic or econometric analysis of trade policy, or in the formulation and conduct of trade policy, as well as at researchers and academics specialized in trade- and trade policy-related study, research and teaching.

The ability to conduct high quality analyses of trade data is essential for decision making in public and private sectors. Multilateral, regional and bilateral trade negotiations and formulation and implementation of appropriate policies at a national level require an extensive analysis of economic data and an assessment of the impact of trade policy decisions.

The purpose of this advanced specialized course is to learn how to select the appropriate approach to answer specific trade policy research question, how to collect the data and how to implement the analysis. The course is based on two UNCTAD/WTO practical guides:

• Practical Guide to Trade Policy Analysis (

• Advanced Guide to Trade Policy Analysis. The Structural Gravity Model (

During the course, participants will become familiar with sources of trade and trade policy data (with a focus on trade in goods). Participants will learn how to apply and interpret different methodologies for trade and trade policy analysis. Through hands-on exercises, they will learn how to use the STATA software to construct trade indexes and tariff profiles; how to estimate the structural gravity model for trade; and how to conduct general equilibrium trade policy analysis based on the structural gravity model. The course will also be a platform for discussion on how to work with policymakers to enhance the use of research in policymaking.
Host Country
WTO (Geneva)
Trade topic
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End Date
Eligible candidates for this advanced course must:
(i) hold a master's degree or PhD in economics or in a related discipline;
(ii) possess basic knowledge of econometric techniques;
(iii) be familiarized with the STATA software;
(iv) have completed a (E-Learning or face-to-face) WTO training activity and/or have demonstrably commensurate knowledge or professional experience;
(v) possess an excellent ability to communicate in English both orally and in writing.
Target Audience
Government officials
Key Result
1. Government officials are implementing WTO Agreements and fully realising Members' rights and obligations
Key Output
1.4: WTO data and databases accessed by Members
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