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WIPO-WTO Colloquium for Teachers of Intellectual Property
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Thematic course
This Colloquium is the 17th jointly organized by the WTO and WIPO for teachers and researcher of intellectual property from developing countries and countries with economies in transition. The colloquium is also open to limited participation of teachers from developed countries. The colloquium seeks to be a multidisciplinary event, open to economists and other university teachers working in the field of intellectual property. A key goal is to equip developing countries with stronger indigenous capacity to analyse and give effect to policy options within the framework of the international intellectual property system, especially the WTO TRIPS Agreement.
The Colloquium will update university teachers on the activities and instruments of the WIPO and the WTO with a focus on important policy issues under negotiation or discussion in the two organizations, and engagement with independent research and analysis by leading scholars in the field. The colloquium will further strengthen and give structure to the exchange of practical information on relevant national or regional experiences between university teachers and the two Secretariats. Emphasis is laid on enabling participants to develop practical strategies for improving research methodologies in the light of emerging international best practice and for effective contribution to policymaking processes, through direct engagement with a wide spectrum of leading international scholars in the field and tailored sessions on methodology and policy development. To maintain the momentum, it will encourage the establishment and strengthening of contacts between participants and trainers and experts for continuing dialogue and cooperation on intellectual property teaching and research, including through intensive development of collaborative networks with leading scholars from within and beyond participants' immediate regions.
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Applicants must fulfil the following requirements: (i) Work as a university teacher of intellectual property in a developing country or in a country with an economy in transition, (with the exception of self-funded applicants who can work in an academic institution in a developed country) with at least five years' teaching experience; an ongoing role in policy advice with respect to WIPO/WTO negotiations is desirable; (ii) Be in possession of an advanced degree in intellectual property law or in international law or economics or management with a specialization in intellectual property; (iii) Have an excellent knowledge of English; (iv) Indicate a specific topical intellectual property policy or legal issue that is currently under active debate or review in the application's country or region on which he/she would be ready to make a short presentation.
Target Audience
Key Result
3. Academic institutions and other stakeholders are analysing WTO issues and reaching out to policy makers
Key Output
3.2: Courses developed by the relevant academic institutions have WTO content and students are being trained on WTO-related subjects by the WTO and its Chairs
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