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WTO National Workshop on Economic Analysis of Trade Policy
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The ability to perform high quality analysis of trade data is essential for decision making. Multilateral, regional and bilateral trade negotiations, as well as the formulation and implementation of appropriate policies at the national level, require a thorough analysis of trade data and an evaluation of the impact of trade policy.

During the workshop, participants will become familiar with different methodologies to analyze trade flows and trade policies, including the impact of trade policies on trade with the gravity model. Participants will also become familiar with the different sources of data on trade and trade policy (with a focus on trade in goods). The course is based on the "Practical Guide to Trade Policy Analysis" published by UNCTAD / WTO (available only in English). In that context, the morning sessions will be dedicated to lectures, while the afternoon sessions will be dedicated to applications with the software STATA.

The course is aimed at government officials who are directly involved in the economic analysis or formulation of trade policy, as well as researchers and scholars specialized in studies, research and teaching related to trade policies.
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Government officials
Key Result
1. Government officials are implementing WTO Agreements and fully realising Members' rights and obligations
Key Output
1.4: WTO data accessed and used by Members to analyse trade-related matters
7. National seminars and workshops – Assistance to needs assessment