Title of the activity
Regional Workshop on Trade Policy Modelling for Arab and Middle East Countries
Activity Type
Application Deadline Date
This is a 5 day course on trade policy modelling, aiming at providing an understanding of the methodologies for analysis and the skills to interpret the results. The course targets Arab countries and it is complementary to an advanced course organised in Geneva on the same topic.
Host Country
United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi
Trade topic
Start Date
End Date
Activity Level
Eligible candidates: (i) must hold a degree in Economics or equivalent; (ii) possess basic knowledge of econometric techniques. They should also possess an excellent ability to communicate in English both orally and in writing. A maximum of 34 participants will be selected.
Target Audience
Government officials
Key Result
1. Government officials are implementing WTO Agreements and fully realising Members' rights and obligations
Key Output
1.1: Government officials have enhanced knowledge about the WTO Agreements, formulation of trade policies and conduct of trade negotiations
6. Regional, sub-regional general capacity-building activities